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Learning across the curriculum

Cross curriculum content enriches and supports the learning areas and adds depth to student learning. In NSW students study a range of learning across the curriculum content.

Cross curriculum priorities

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures 
  • Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia 
  • sustainability

General capabilities

  • critical and creative thinking 
  • ethical understanding 
  • information and communication technology capability 
  • intercultural understanding 
  • literacy 
  • numeracy 
  • personal and social capability

Other learning across the curriculum areas

  • civics and citizenship
  • difference and diversity
  • work and enterprise.

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Scripture and ethics classes

Lay teachers and clergy visit the school for half an hour each week on Tuesday and parents are asked to indicate which class they would like their child to attend when they enrol. Currently, classes are offered in Catholic, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Buddhism (Year 3-6 only), Baha'i and Ethics.


All homework activities aim to reinforce and consolidate what is being taught in the classroom. Homework will be sent home each Monday, with some exceptions including the first and last weeks of each term, and is to be returned on Friday.

Weekly homework activities include:

  • Reading – reading for pleasure for twenty minutes per night (to be recorded in reading log)
  • Language – activities related to spelling, grammar or punctuation from DIPL program.
  • Maths– two pages per week of the Maths Plus textbook, any additional activities set by maths group teacher, and at least twenty minutes a week completing Mathletics tasks.

Students may read independently, aloud to a parent or listen to a parent read to them. Students will gain most from their reading if they engage in discussions with their parent about the text that was read and ask parents to help them clarify tricky vocabulary. Reading is considered the most important part of the homework program.

Students have a personal access code to enable them to use the online Mathematics program ‘Mathletics' at home. The program helps to develop mathematical skills in an engaging visual and problem-solving context. Students are encouraged to log on at home and work through the set tasks. The Maths Plus homework book will also reinforce concepts learnt in class. Students.

Eco gardens

The Eco Gardens were built in 2010 and are now being used by classes from Kindergarten to Year 6. The two gardens - one on the Eastern Campus, one on the Western Campus - provide students with the opportunity to study the environment, sustainability and healthy eating through hands-on experience. Children learn about growing seasonal fruit and vegetables using organic methods, from preparation to planting, maintenance and harvesting. Teachers also incorporate gardening into the curriculum to teach a variety of subjects from science to maths. As the gardens feature water tanks, worm farms and compost bins the students are also encouraged to be water wise and recycle waste.

The gardens were built with contributions from Manly Council, Coles, Junior Landcare, The Green Room, Bunnings and the P&C. The garden on the Eastern Campus is called "Binowee" which is an Aboriginal word meaning "Green Place". The garden on the Western Campus is called "Ecopod" with each letter standing for an aspect of living sustainably (E = Environmentally Friendly; C = Compost Collecting; O = Organic and Water Wise; P = Preserve Energy; O = Overall Active and Healthy; D = Develop Recycling). The names were chosen by students in a naming competition.

A team of parent volunteers assists teachers and their classes as requested, eg with advice on what to plant, preparation of garden beds, help with watering and weeding. If you are interested in joining the "parent gardening team"  please contact Ann-Charlott Paduch on