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Representative sport

Primary school sports association

Balgowlah Heights Public School is a member of the Manly Zone Primary School Sport Association (PSSA) and subsequently, part of the Sydney North Region Primary School Sport Association. The zone determines the sports offered and the age/grade requirements for teams. PSSA competitions exist primarily for students who display a high level of skill and/or potential in those particular sports and teams selected must reflect this.

At Balgowlah Heights Public School, PSSA sport is offered to students in Years 4 to 6 only.


Summer - Terms 1, 3,and 4

Cricket - boys

Softball and t-ball - girls

Volleyball - girls and boys

Eagle tag - girls and boys

AFL - girls and boys

Winter - Terms 2 and 3

Rugby league - boys

Netball - girls

Soccer - girls and boys

Competitions are held on Friday afternoon and students in PSSA teams must fulfil their obligations to their team for the entire season.

Selection of teams

When selecting students during trials, consideration is given to those who best meet the selection criteria for each particular sport. No special consideration is given to age or grade level. Selection criteria for each team includes:

  • General ability and skill level
  • Sportsmanship
  • Cooperation and attitude
  • Commitment to trial sessions

Past representation and/or external participation is not taken into consideration during selection trials.


Students who represent the school at PSSA may be required to special sport socks and/or a shirt specific to their sport e.g. a jersey for rugby league or soccer.


Team training sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons, either at school or at Tania Park. In some circumstances, coaches may conduct an extra training session before school or during lunchtimes.

Code of conduct

All PSSA students and their parents must sign the PSSA Player/Spectator Code of Conduct prior to representing the school.


Students in Years 5 and 6 will be made aware of zone trial dates. Due to the limited number of students who are eligible from each school only those students who demonstrate exceptional skills relative to the sport will be considered.

The selection process will be based on:

  • evidence of representation for that sport
  • discussion with most recent PSSA coach (if applicable)

If the school is unable to identify student/s who demonstrate skills that equate to a representative level no student will be nominated for participation.


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