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Our not-for-profit canteen is run by the Parents and Citizens’ Association and is an integral service for Balgowlah Heights Public School.

As early adopters of the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy we have long had a commitment to providing our children with healthy choices to fuel their minds and bodies, so healthy eating becomes a habit.  The vast majority of our food is made from scratch on-site.

All canteens in NSW public schools must meet certain requirements. These include providing more healthy food and drink options – to make the healthy choice an easy choice for students. For more information on canteen requirements in public schools, please visit


The canteen is located on the Western Campus of the school.  The canteen is open at recess and lunch 5 days a week throughout the NSW school year, excepting sports carnivals and other pre-notified days.

All children can order recess and/or lunch via the online ordering system Spriggy Schools.  Visit the website: to register and download the app.  If you have any issues, you can contact Spriggy Schools via their website or the chat function on the app.

All lunch orders must be placed via the Spriggy Schools online ordering system. (Lunch is not sold over the counter).

All orders must be placed by 8.30am daily.


Our success in providing the children with home-made healthy food is reliant on volunteers. You do not need to have any cooking skills – there is always plenty to do, whether it be pouring yoghurt pops or serving at the counter at recess and lunch. 

You will be a valued member of the school community as a volunteer, and you’ll have the pleasure of seeing your child(ren). 

To sign up to volunteer, please go to:

We look forward to welcoming you in the canteen soon.



What time is cut-off?

8.30am daily (if you miss the cut-off, you can still order a Late Lunch, up to 10.30am).

What if I miss cut-off?

You can put a Late Order in until 10.30am every day, except Fridays (there are no late orders on Fridays).  Late orders are limited to a vegemite or honey sandwich and an apple.

What if I miss the Late Order cut-off?

If your child is in K-2, they can ask their teacher for an emergency sandwich – a supply is kept on the Eastern Campus.

If your child is in Years 3-6, they can come to the canteen and ask for an emergency sandwich (honey or vegemite).

If you have given the canteen authorisation to make a deduction from their Spriggy account, the canteen will do that, and send you an email letting you know.  If the canteen doesn’t have that authorisation from you, you will be asked to pay an IOU on Spriggy.

How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order yourself any time before the 8.30am cut-off, using the Spriggy app.

After the 8.30am cut-off, you must call the canteen (via the school phone number 9948 2225) to cancel an order.  (Please do not send an email, as it will not be seen until the end of lunch service.)

Sushi orders cannot be cancelled after 9am.

How do I pay an IOU?

Go to the tile on Spriggy that says “Owe Money? Pay Here”.  Then click on the dollar amounts that make up what you owe.  Click confirm as for a normal order.

What's Spending Money?

If you don’t want to give your children cash to take to school, or you don’t have any at hand, you can use the “Spending Money” option.  The lunch label will show how much Spending Money you have given them.  They simply bring their lunch bag to the counter and buy what they want.  No change is given – they must spend all their Spending Money on the day it’s ordered for.

How do I order food for my child(ren)?

Download the Spriggy app onto your phone.  Set up a profile for your child(ren).  All orders must be placed through Spriggy.  The canteen does not “sell lunch” over the counter.  You can order Recess or Lunch.

What can they buy over the counter?

Over the counter sales are available to children on the Western Campus, in Years 3-6.  As part of the Healthy School Canteens Strategy, we only have “everyday foods” available to the children to purchase. 

On Fridays, frozen treats are sold by volunteers to the children on the Eastern Campus.

What's the best way to contact the canteen?

For anything that is time-sensitive, a phone call to the school is the best way to reach the canteen.

For anything else, we’d love to hear from you by email at

How does volunteering work?

With so much of our food made from scratch on site, we are heavily reliant on our wonderful parent (and grandparent!) volunteers.

Anybody can volunteer at any time.  Use this link to sign up to our schedule.  Alternatively, you can just pop in when you have a bit of free time. 

We allocate each class a particular week to provide volunteers to the canteen.  That way, you can meet other parents from your child’s class.  You don’t need to wait, however, for your class’s turn to volunteer.  You will always be welcome.

Term/ Week Dates 2024 Class
T1 Week 4 Mon 19 Feb - Fri 23 Feb 3I
T1 Week 5 Mon 26 Feb - Fri 1 Mar 3S
T1 Week 6 Mon 4 Mar - Fri 8 Mar 3W
T1 Week 7 Mon 11 Mar - Fri 15 Mar 6D
T1 Week 8 Mon 18 Mar - Fri 22 Mar 6G
T1 Week 9 Mon 25 Mar - Fri 28 Mar 6M
T1 Week 10 Mon 2 Apr - Fri 5 Apr 6P
T1 Week 11 Mon 8 Apr - Fri 12 Apr 5V
T2 Week 1 Mon 29 Apr - Fri 3 May 5B
T2 Week 2 Mon 6 May - Fri 10 May 5K
T2 Week 3 Mon 13 May - Fri 17 May 5M
T2 Week 4 Mon 20 May - Fri 24 May 5N
T2 Week 5 Mon 27 May - Fri 31 May 1B
T2 Week 6 Mon 3 Jun - Fri 7 Jun 1E
T2 Week 7 Mon 10 Jun - Fri 14 Jun 1K
T2 Week 8 Mon 17 Jun - Fri 21 Jun 1ME
T2 Week 9 Mon 24 Jun - Fri 28 Jun KD
T2 Week 10 Mon 1 Jul - Fri 5 Jul KF
T3 Week 1 Mon 22 Jul - Fri 26 Jul KR
T3 Week 2 Mon 29 Jul - Fri 2 Aug KW
T3 Week 3 Mon 5 Aug - Fri 9 Aug 4C
T3 Week 4 Mon 12 Aug - Fri 16 Aug 4D
T3 Week 5 Mon 19 Aug - Fri 23 Aug 4NC
T3 Week 6 Mon 26 Aug - Fri 30 Aug 4S
T3 Week 7 Mon 2 Sept - Fri 6 Sept 2D
T3 Week 8 Mon 9 Sept - Fri 13 Sept 2L
T3 Week 9 Mon 16 Sept - Fri 20 Sept 2P
T3 Week 10 Mon 23 Sept - Fri 27 Sept 2S
T4 Week 1 Mon 14 Oct - Fri 18 Oct 3H
T4 Week 2 Mon 21 Oct - Fri 25 Oct 3I
T4 Week 3 Mon 28 Oct - Fri 1 Nov 3S
T4 Week 4 Mon 4 Nov - Fri 8 Nov 3W
T4 Week 5 Mon 11 Nov - Fri 15 Nov 5V
T4 Week 6 Mon 18 Nov - Fri 22 Nov 5B
T4 Week 7 Mon 25 Nov - Fri 29 Nov 5K
T4 Week 8 Mon 2 Dec - Fri 6 Dec 5M
T4 Week 9 Mon 9 Dec - Fri 13 Dec 5N
T4 Week 10 Mon 16 Dec - Fri 20 Dec 1B