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Parents and citizens' association

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The Balgowlah Heights Public School community comprises several groups that give the school its own unique culture. We are fortunate to have great diversity across the school community in many aspects such as academic, cultural, sporting and artistic talents and professional expertise. 

The groups that are connected to become our wonderful community are:

  • Parents, grandparents, carers and extended family
  • Teachers - permanent, part time and casual and teachers aides
  • Students
  • Arabanoo - before and after school care
  • School executive and administration staff
  • Community members who give their time to assist the school in many ways
  • Extended community such as our generous sponsors who provide much needed support to the school. 

Balgowlah Heights Public School's Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C) is a passionate and dedicated group of volunteers; it is made up of the executive committee, salaried members (e.g. part-time canteen and uniform shop employees), and the broader team of volunteers who take on various roles.

All parents, carers and local community members are very welcome to attend the regular P&C meetings and can also join the P&C at any meeting for a token fee of $1. Anyone who wants to vote needs to be recorded on the register of Balgowlah Heights Public School P&C Members and be a ‘paid–up member'. Once a new member pays their $1 to join they can vote at the following meeting.

We encourage everyone to become engaged in the school community and get involved in some (or all) of the many activities happening throughout the school. If more of us are able to give just a little bit of our time, we can achieve great things for our students.

Our objectives

The Balgowlah Heights Public School P&C objectives are to support the school in its efforts to provide the best educational opportunities for our children by:

  • Providing adequate resources and learning materials to all rooms/facilities so as to enhance our children's learning in a positive and productive way.
  • Optimising the current use of infrastructure and facilities.
  • Communicating the fundraising needs based on the long term plans for the school, detailing why the money is required and how it will be spent, and being accountable for the spend.
  • Providing a forum for school community issues to be raised.

The P&C determines its level of involvement and commitment to the school based on the school plan for the year and what the teaching staff would like to achieve.

P&C initiatives

Some examples of how we are improving the education of our children through a combination of P&C and school funding:

  • learning support and enrichment programs
  • updating and improving library resources
  • band program
  • improvements to amenities and buildings
  • gardening club
  • organising banking
  • organising Ccass co-ordinators and communication
  • special community and school events
  • school uniform shop
  • school canteen

What can you do to help?

There are many ways you can help our P&C. Here are just a few: 

  • Choosing to pay your P&C contribution by not deselecting the voluntary contribution field in your child/ren's statement of account each term. This payment supports your child's education by enhancing the schools facilities and resources.
  • Attending parent community meetings twice a term. Here you can find out more about what the P&C does, discover how your P&C contribution benefits your children and their time at the school and hear first-hand from the Principal and Deputy Principal about what's happening at school. It's also a forum for parents to share their thoughts/opinions on anything that affects the school community including fundraising and how we choose to spend those funds. (Please note, any classroom issues should be raised directly with the school).
  • Offering to help with any of the following: fundraising, canteen, uniform shop, EIP, gardening club, bush care, working bees.
  • Coming to one (or all!) of our fundraising and fun-raising events!

The plan for 2019

Where the money and resources are needed

View the P&C operational plan for the year.

View the most recently audited P&C financial reports

Learning support, early intervention program and enrichment

These programs have successfully helped the school provide the teaching expertise that ultimately benefits all students.

Parent community funds: $90,000 

Smartboard replacement

Installation of 5 replacement Smartboards

Parent community funds: $29,000

Western campus refurbishment

Installation of soft flooring with basketball/handball markings

Parent community funds: $22,000 (government grant)

Air conditioning units

Seven new units, plus ongoing maintenance

Parent community funds: $20,000-$25,000

Library resources

Ongoing library resources

Parent community funds: $15,000

General expenses

Administration, audit, insurance, etc.

Parent community funds: $8,000

Building maintenance

Painting of toilets - Western Campus (complete)

Parent community funds: $8,000


Working bee, skip bins

Parent community funds: $4,000

Resources for teachers

$100 for every teacher (class and subject)

Parent community funds: $3,000

P&C meetings

The P&C meets on the third and eighth Monday of each school term at 7pm. Meetings provide a forum for discussion of all matters relating to the initiatives and activities of the P&C.

Please click here to access all 2019 P & C meeting minutes and agendas.

Thanks to our school sponsors:

We are very grateful to our main school sponsors who support us by donating ongoing funds or providing their expertise or equipment. Their generosity helps to improve the school experience for all our students. Thank you also to the many sponsors who provide support and donations for individual fundraising events. We ensure that these sponsors are acknowledged and thanked as part of these events.


Main school sponsor: 

Other key sponsors: