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English is taught daily and embedded within all Key Learning Areas. In this subject students study how English language is used to create meaning in spoken, written and visual texts. At Balgowlah Heights Public School students will engage in L3 (Language, Learning and Literacy) which is a research based program focusing on all aspects of literacy. As part of this program, in groups of three, students receive explicit instructions in reading and writing.


By the end of Term 2 students should be beginning to read simple sentences and develop an understanding of reading skills and strategies. They are learning to recognise high frequency words (magic 300 Words).


Students are learning to write, using simple punctuation. They are developing the ability to use strategies to spell unknown words. The students are learning to form lower and uppercase letters correctly using NSW foundation font.

Speaking and listening

Students use simple sentences and phrases when speaking. They are encouraged to maintain eye contact when speaking and participate in talking and listening activities (e.g. weekly news).

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